Unlearning Toxic Masculinity

You’ll identify the ways toxic masculinity has shaped your life, learn how to change those behaviors, and discover new ways of being a man that work for everyone.

Emotional Intelligence 101

If you constantly hear “why can’t you be more emotionally available” from women, this talk is for you. Come learn what it means to be “emotionally intelligence” and get specific skills for becoming a master.

Six Keys to Choosing the Perfect Partner

Learn why the traditional methods of choosing dating partners leaves you heartbroken time after time and discover the true secrets of great relationship compatibility traits.

3 Easy Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Stress is an inevitable aspect of life - but the way you think about stress makes it much much worse. Learn how to think about stress in a completely different way, so work is less draining and you have more energy for your friends and family.

Six Hidden Secrets of Confidence

It’s what your boss wants, it’s what your partner wants, and deep down, it’s what you want. Learn the daily practice to cultivate confidence and charisma and the covert ways you sabotage yourself.

4 Steps to Choosing Your Next Passion Project

Most guys choose something because they are good at it, their parents wanted them to do it, or because it paid well. This leaves men feeling deeply unsatisfied with the work they do. This talk shows men how to find your true calling.

Beacon is a coach, counselor, mentor and strategist who delivers life-changing presentations to groups of men who want more from their lives. Participants discover a new, modern version of masculinity that gives them more personal fulfillment at work, in life, and a greater social impact. Get in touch to book one of the following topics at your next event!

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